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May 2021

Business Building Blocks with Lucie Hamel

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The Fast Track Program was designed with second stage IoT businesses in mind. Alberta IoT has created an environment for young companies (at least two years of operations) to flourish and expand globally – a feat only 2% of Canadian mid-sized companies accomplish. This accelerator program connects businesses with the tools, resources, and experts they need to take their tech ambitions to the next level. And its experts like Lucie Hamel that offer their knowledge and experience so business owners can skip the run-around and get growing now.

Lucie, an expert in strategic business planning and lean management, facilitates workshops where Fast Track participants gain insights in these areas and have the opportunity to implement these strategies in a supportive container. Lucie herself wears two hats: a Partner at Vantage Management Consultants (Vantage), as well as an instructor for SAIT’s Corporate Training program. 

“Everything you do starts with a strong foundation which provides the stability required for short-term and long-term vision.”

– Vantage Management Consultants

So how do you create a strong foundation and utilize lean management in your business? First, it’s important to understand what lean management means from a Vantage perspective:

“Lean thinking is at the foundation of all that we do. We can label our mind- set in one word: Value. We collaborate with your teams to capture the current state, attain stability and achieve the vision. With a lean approach we seek to inspire a continuous improvement mindset and philosophy that will drive a culture collaboration, engagement and high efficiencies. You are unique and we have a unique solution for you, a “fit-for-purpose” approach.”

Vantage Management Consultants

When it comes to lean management, Lucie and the team at Vantage recommend learning how to first define what is most valuable to your organization. Once you have properly defined this, it’s important to map out your value stream. This allows a company to observe each and every step of your processes from an objective standpoint and ensure a continuous flow from task to task within your efforts. With a clear map, it won’t be long before you identify tasks and processes that pull you and your team from flow. 

It’s time to eliminate what isn’t working for you and strive to develop a perfect stream of execution that deeply resonates with the value you add as an organization.

Give this strategy a try within your company and see what kind of flow you are able to create within your process. 

Need help? Invest your time into business growth by enrolling in the Fast Track Program. You will have access to Lucie and her wealth of knowledge, as well as countless other facilitators we will feature here. It’s time to get your business growing in Alberta and across the globe!