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October 2022

Turn movement data into health and wellness knowledge

By | Alberta IoT Association News

Hi fellow Alberta IoT members; I am Nigel, the founder of MindFull Solutions Inc., where we turn movement data into health and wellness knowledge. MindFull was invited to participate in Alberta IoT in Action at the Alberta IoT 3rd Annual Golf Tournament.

We took the opportunity to showcase our tech while simultaneously testing the firmware/database integration and our core stability metric. Our core stability metric measure how much the low back jolts and oscillates during movement. A higher score means how well a person transfers the forces smoothly during moving, having less consequence on the joints.

The results.
We had roughly 30 golfers strap on the device and do everything from climbing trees, cartwheels, and myriad golf swings and tee-offs. The core stability score of all activities was 8.85 out of 10. Walking equated to 80% of the data collected was 9.01 out of 10. Dynamic movements equated to a stability score of 7.86, roughly 4% of the viable data collected. Interestingly, within the last two hours of the day, our core stability score was higher at 9.28 for all activities, including dynamic movements score of 9.44!

The knowledge we can gain from this data are:

1) The people who participated are generally good movers!

2) Our bodies need time to find joint stability for dynamic or complex movement. Not so much time for simple actions like walking.

3) An optimized warmup may help. Our partners at Coalition Performance Care have provided a simple way to get the body ready for golf.

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