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Patrick Weinmayr, Executive Director

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Alberta IoT Appoints Patrick Weinmayr as New Executive Director 

Calgary, Alberta [September 11, 2023] — The Alberta IoT Association is thrilled to announce the appointment of Patrick (Pat) Weinmayr as its new Executive Director, effective September 5, 2023. Mr. Weinmayr brings a wealth of experience in technology, marketing, and strategic partnerships, making him an ideal leader to further the association’s mission of positioning Alberta as a global centre of excellence for emerging technology.

Pat is a seasoned executive with a diverse career spanning over 15 years in the technology sector and another decade in post-secondary education. Pat’s technology journey has taken him through leadership roles at SMART Technologies, Pivotal CRM, and two startup ventures in optical networking and education. Pat’s dedication to the community extends to the higher education sector where he held senior management positions at SAIT and NAIT, collaborating closely with industry to shape talent development and education strategies.

His expertise encompasses marketing, international distribution channel management, software product management, alliances, IP and content licensing, and education program development. This unwavering commitment to both technology and education continues to fuel his mission of supporting Alberta’s entrepreneurs in building thriving companies, developing critical talent, and connecting communities across the province. 

Laine Hotte, Board Chair at Alberta IoT, expressed enthusiasm for Pat’s appointment, stating, “We would like to extend a warm welcome to Pat Weinmayr as he enters into his new role of Executive Director. Pat’s extensive experience in the technology sector and his commitment to education align perfectly with Alberta IoT’s mission. We believe his leadership will continue to steer us toward achieving our vision of making Alberta a global hub for IoT and emerging technologies.”

In his new role as Executive Director, Mr. Weinmayr will play a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s objectives. He will build upon relationships with local industries and member companies to enhance awareness of Alberta IoT. Mr. Weinmayr’s mandate also includes nurturing the emerging tech business community, emphasizing their skills, and fostering a supportive environment for growth. 

Alberta IoT Association is excited to welcome Mr. Weinmayr as Executive Director and looks forward to the impact he will bring to the organization and the emerging tech ecosystem in Alberta. 

 About Alberta IoT:  

Alberta IoT is a non-profit, member-based association that exists to nurture and support the growth of Alberta’s Internet of Things and emerging technology sectors. Our mission is to position Alberta as the worldwide leader in IoT and emerging technology.  

Nurturing Innovation and Growth in Alberta

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In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, Alberta IoT, our non-profit, member-based association, is playing a pivotal role in fostering and supporting the growth of Alberta’s Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technology sectors. With a mission to position Alberta as a global leader in IoT and emerging technologies, we have established several impactful programs and platforms designed to amplify innovation, facilitate capital connection, support tech talent, and advocate for a stronger voice in government.


Fast Track Business Accelerator Program

The Fast Track Business Accelerator Program is tailored specifically for Alberta-based IoT and emerging tech companies, this 10-week comprehensive virtual accelerator program equips scale-up companies with the knowledge and resources needed to take their businesses to new heights.

Participants in the program gain access to 20 hours of 1-on-1 mentorship, sessions led by industry experts, and a supportive community of like-minded innovators. The program covers vital aspects of business scaling, from refining business models to strategic planning, sales strategy, legal considerations and investor pitch practice. By providing a robust support system, the Fast Track Business Accelerator Program empowers companies to overcome challenges and realize their full potential in the ever-competitive tech landscape.

Start-Up Visa Program (SUV)

As one of the 40 official designated organizations for the Government of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program, Alberta IoT offers the Start-Up Visa Program (SUV) for scale-up companies looking to establish themselves in the Canadian market. This initiative seeks innovative, tech-based companies with a proven revenue stream that can create jobs for Canadians and contribute to Alberta’s thriving tech ecosystem.

The SUV Program supports the permanent residency process for international companies, offering them an opportunity to integrate into the blossoming tech scene in Alberta. This program not only welcomes innovative scale-ups but also adds diversity and talent to the region, further enriching Alberta’s tech landscape.

Canadian Market Entry Program

The Canadian Market Entry Program is a comprehensive 4-week virtual course designed for scale-up companies seeking to establish a foothold in the Alberta market. Tailored to innovative, tech-based companies with a proven revenue stream, this program is a component of the Start-Up Visa Program and also serves as a stand-alone course for international companies seeking to expand their business into the Alberta market.

Led by a team of experienced experts in each field, the Canadian Market Entry Program covers all aspects of Alberta business operations, providing invaluable insights to help companies build a strong foundation for a successful launch in Alberta. By supporting international companies in navigating the intricacies of the Canadian market, Alberta IoT actively contributes to making the region a global hub for tech innovation.

Alberta IoT Membership

At the core of who we are sits our Alberta IoT membership, which serves as a platform to forge meaningful connections within the Alberta IoT and emerging tech industry. Alberta IoT membership opens the door to a host of events that offer tailored experiences for personal and professional growth. These events may include workshops, seminars, conferences and specialized training sessions led by industry leaders and experts. 


The Science Park

Science Park, powered by Alberta IoT, is a virtual platform that fosters innovation and collaboration between industry and academia. Our virtual ecosystem uses machine learning to match industry partners with researchers, assets and academia, enabling innovative solutions to real-world problems. If you’re a company looking to innovate but are missing a particular skill set or access to specialized equipment and facilities, Science Park will find you that perfect match. Similarly, if you or your organization have specialized expertise, equipment, or facilities, Science Park will put you in touch with the people who need them. This standardizes matchmaking and collaboration, improves efficiency, and – most importantly – sparks ingenuity and creativity through fresh connections.

Through our programs and platforms, our Alberta IoT team is making substantial strides in nurturing innovation, fostering growth, and supporting emerging technology sectors in Alberta. By providing the necessary resources, mentorship, and connections, we work to firmly position the province as a frontrunner in the world of IoT and emerging technologies. As our organization continues to amplify Alberta innovations, facilitate connections to capital, support tech talent, and advocate for a stronger tech presence, we reinforce our commitment to shaping a vibrant and robust future for Alberta’s tech ecosystem.