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By June 16, 2021 All Blog Posts

Where Success & Alberta Tech Come Together

When most people think “Tech & Innovation Hub”, they think Silicon Valley. And they wouldn’t be wrong. This small chunk of Northern California is the HQ of a number of successful high-tech companies, and seemingly countless tech start-ups. With such an incredible hold on the tech market, this area has been able to employ millions of people in the industry. As Alberta continues to invest in the IOT sector, Alberta as a tech hub seems less and less like a crazy idea. In fact, at Alberta IoT, we think it’s a damn brilliant one.

The Alberta IoT Association is a nonprofit consisting of organizations with a vested interest in the success of the Internet of Things in the province of Alberta. We know, with the right community support and access to the very best resources, Alberta has the tech brilliance to make IoT happen here too. Many Alberta IOT companies have already joined us and have felt the benefits and reaped the rewards of being part of this thriving, and focused community. Aside from the many member benefits we offer here are some additional reasons to join a business community today!


A sense of fellow-ship, community, and friendship is integral to us as humans. Sure, you have a network of friends, but entrepreneurship can be particularly isolating. Long work hours make scheduling social time a challenge for many business owners. Bringing comradery into your work day allows you to build relationships with people who understand your busy lifestyle, and how important your work is to you. When our social needs are met, we are more productive and inspired. Speaking of inspired:


Good ideas aren’t born in a silo. Inspiration comes from community. Actively participating in your industry’s community can help you get the wheels turning on your next big idea, or even help you stay up to date in a rapidly changing sector. The businesses within the Alberta IOT community are nothing short of inspirational. Standing out from the crowd with big ideas, new collaborations, and developing world leading solutions.


When you need a helping hand, a group who knows the ups and downs of business within your industry will provide support that others just can’t. Your business in IOT faces different, and unique hurdles to other sectors. Having a supportive network that can provide the necessary tools and resources to actually lift you from hardship means your support system isn’t all talk – they walk the walk. You and your business deserve hands on support that cares about your success.


When you are part of a thriving, connected, and knowledgeable community, you have close access to a huge amount of resources. A combined knowledge pool leaves you in the position to ask people who know best, first. You don’t have time to get stuck in an endless research loop, only to question the integrity of your sources. Alberta IOT has a collective experience that your business will thank you for leveraging. Learn from the best, and save time by not reinventing the wheel in systems that work so you can move ahead further than imagined.

By joining the Alberta IoT Association, you are given the opportunity to connect with other individuals and companies that are working in the IoT space within Alberta. All members are granted access to our online communication tools, resources, regular networking events, technology showcase opportunities, as well as a listing on our website. In addition to these benefits, there are several different membership tiers outlined below that have been tailored to fit your business needs.