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Eddy Solutions

Alberta IoT Bronze Sponsor Eddy Solutions
Alberta IoT Bronze Sponsor Eddy Solutions

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario

Eddy Solutions ( offers Intelligent Water Monitoring and Leak Protection systems for properties of all types, ultimately reducing the risk of water damage. Eddy’s system fully protects residents and building assets with comprehensive real-time water monitoring and leak detection.

Our comprehensive suite of products and services empowers property/building management with the necessary tools and data to both mitigate acute water damage risks and prevent future events from occurring. Our IQ is an ultrasonic water meter with leading resolution and includes a built-in full port ball valve that provides automatic and remote shut off features. Our wireless H2O sensors track humidity, temperature, and the presence of water. Our Link interfaces with existing meters to track consumption and can be coupled with a shutoff valve for large pipe sizes.

To connect our solution, we employ a LoRaWAN network within the building. LoRaWAN (short for Long Range Wide Area Network) is a low power, extremely low bandwidth radio network technology, ideal for high interference environments such as those inside a multi-unit residential building.