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Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta

Part of a multi-billion dollar industry, Aurora Wireless Networks Inc is focused on exploiting the potential of its proprietary, ultra energy efficient, cost-effective, long range, MLink wireless networking technology.  MLink technology has already been successfully applied in thousands of sites across North America and Australia. The technology is rapidly evolving in response to customer demand and with the recent addition of the MLink Network Extender, data can be retrieved from sensors sprinkled across areas not previously economically accessible with a reach of more than 100km.

MLink technology takes advantage of 900 MHz unlicensed Radio Frequency spectrum to transport data from an endpoint/sensor to the base/host computer and is available as a module, development platform or a fully customized product (under license).   Endpoints can collect information like temperature, pressure, flow (water, sewage, oil, and gas), proximity, movement (people, fire, water, machinery, ground) – almost anything the Internet of Things encompasses and much more. Adding to its technical strengths, MLink endpoint can be powered for a year or more from a single pair of AA alkaline batteries or even run from 100% renewable, harvestable, energy sources such as solar.

Key markets for Aurora Wireless Networks include the mining, environmental monitoring and Oil and Gas Industries however the opportunities go well beyond that. Our potential market includes any business adding performance wireless data capability to their products.  Aurora Wireless Networks is well positioned to exploit the Internet of Things revolution.  MLink is used for telemetry, asset tracking and two way data communications.  Applications have included such diverse areas as autonomous vehicle monitoring, mapping out wide area ground movement in both active and shuttered mines, waste water flow, and monitoring worker safety in potentially hazardous environments, and pet management.