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Headquarters: Calgary, AB

DataHive’s mission provides access to world-class Internet
applications. Clients receive ultra-fast Internet connectivity with over 6000 Points of Presence (PoPs) world-wide. High levels of speed and connectivity are provided to meet the highest international demands of the 21st Century.
Data storage is provided physically in quarter, half, full cabinets, rooms and cages with virtualization (private cloud) and hybrid offerings to facilitate edge and public cloud requirements. Physical security is controlled at a high level along with guarantees of 100% uptime.
The Data Centre is built with N+1 redundancy throughout, including HVAC systems and three levels of power management with regular testing to ensure reliable functioning.
DataHiveSecure, a division of DataHive, recommends, designs, implements and manages all types of VPNs to ensure business communication is always protected. This service has been implemented for the most challenging environments, ranging from protecting communication between China and Canada, reliably interconnecting to 3rd party VPN networks and providing a secure work-from-home environment.
DataHive is uniquely positioned to assist client projects where technology connection and systems integration can be developed and managed effectively.