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Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta

MR control Systems International Inc. is a software solution company that provides cost-effective real-time IOT data solutions. Since 1999, MR Control Systems has been providing Monitoring, Control and Automation projects worldwide in various industrial and commercial applications. Our extensive experience in real-time data monitoring, data aggregation, control, automation and analytics for multiple industries has led us to develop a comprehensive real-time software platform called EVENTA. This modern and powerful platform has resolved many of the current challenges such as Big Data Historian, Analytics, AI and Automated Operation.

Armed with extensive multi-industry experience and the most advanced real-time software platform, MR Control Systems can provide practical and holistic solutions for basic or complex IOT applications.

The flexibility of our platform allows us to establish 2-way communication to thousands of field devices using device-specific APIs.

The scalability of our platform allows us to start small and build massive systems to monitor, analyze, automate, report and present data to a wide range of stakeholders.

EVNETA can be utilized either as a private (closed corporate network) or Public (share data with a large number of stakeholders over internet) or combination of the two. While you can establish a connection to other systems to complement functionalities and algorithms (or exchange data), EVNETA also has a rich set of tools that allows you to add your own customized algorithms.