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Headquarters: Cochrane, Alberta

obvıous. exists to change the way device manufacturers think about revenue over the product life cycle. The world is being overrun with devices designed to be used for at most a few years, then replaced once their functionality becomes outdated. There’s just no incentive for manufacturers to keep maintaining them. For a device maker be profitable and survive, they have to keep selling new devices. Our vision is simple, to upset the planned-obsolescence status quo.

We show manufacturers that there’s a different way to do business, a better way. That they can design a product once, and use that as a foundation to continue providing value in exchange for profit for as long as the device lasts.

“Think of your product like a loss leader, a way to get your foot in the door. The best consumer hardware plays make some money on product and way more on the backend. […] The beauty of software is that it is constantly changing and improving. Companies like these can continually improve the quality of their service, like Tesla, just by pushing code. As the experience becomes better and better, customers become less and less likely to churn[…]”

  • Matt Ward, Angel Investor, The Syndicate