Tridon Communications

Alberta IoT Sponsor - Tridon

Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta

Tridon Communications is the preeminent supplier of wireless
communication equipment and services to the Oil Sands of Alberta and has been so since 1981. We are locally owned and operated with over 100 Employees and fully equipped service shops in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Athabasca. Also, we are a fully CSA-Certified Repair Center, a Motorola Platinum Service Centre, and a TELUS Customer Care Centre.

The “Things” we will connect as part of IoT need networks – and those networks need protection from unknown threats. To keep your “Sources of Truth” safe, a well designed network that can be easily defended makes your business run smoother. Tridon has the in-house expertise to solve this challenge, no matter the industrial setting or remote location.

With a secured Field Intranet, your Data is reliable and your organization can rest assured that the decisions based on operational data will have a positive impact.

Tridon can Connect, Collect, and Protect your Big Data, wherever it is coming from to wherever it is destined.